The Dragon Prince’s Heart

An A Thieving Curse Companion Novella

Retells the beginning of A Thieving Curse from Alex's point of view.

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For Alexander Tallon, being a crown prince is a distant memory. Cursed to have dragon features and turn into a savage beast when he loses control of his emotions, Alex lives a quiet life in a mountain cave with the former servants who have become like family. When one of his nightmares causes him to seek peace in a midnight flight, he instead stumbles across a young woman in need of rescuing who brings chaos into his life. But the girl is a princess on her way to marry the cousin who took Alex’s place as prince, and Alex can’t let that wedding happen if he is to stay alive, protect his friends, and keep Princess Raelyn out of the castle of a murderer. But the stubborn princess doesn’t trust him, and the conflicting emotions her presence elicits make the dragon inside more volatile…

This novella covers the beginning of A Thieving Curse from Alex’s perspective, and is best enjoyed after A Thieving Curse, but can be read first if you don’t mind minor spoilers for reveals in Curse.

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Series: The Miraveld Chronicles, Book 1.5
Genres: fairy tale retelling, Fantasy, Young Adult
Tag: Newsletter Freebie
Publisher: Wyvern Wing Press
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 7.99
eBook Price: 1.99
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