Mid-Year Update

It’s been a minute, friends. Sorry! But hey, if you’re curious to know what I’m up to in a more regular way…Instagram is where to find me. I can hardly believe it’s already July? And the 4th is over?? How? Impossible. Writing Update! Writing is…I don’t even know right now, Read more…


Why does one of my main characters have a prominent facial scar? A rough pink scar ran diagonally across his right cheek, from under the outside corner of his eye, down to the corner of his lips before it curved down his chin to his jawline. His upper lip pulled Read more…

Writing and Life Update

Hey, all! It’s been a minute. Clearly, I am doing exceedingly well at my resolution to blog once a week. Sigh. Oh well. Life trudges on. Life Update I am working suuuuuuper part-time from home doing social media/advertising stuff for a small Colorado-based company. I also just finished a big Read more…

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