Staff of Nightfall (The Mercenary and the Mage #2)


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Freedom came at a cost they never expected to pay.

After two years as the Prince of Shadow and Ash’s slave, Regulus is finally free. But now the sorcerer is in possession of a powerful weapon of destruction and the woman he loves has had her magic ripped from her, and Regulus’ guilt threatens to overwhelm him.

Adelaide feels like a part of her soul has been stolen. At least she still has the man she loves and a chance to restore her magic—if they can evade her ruthless suitor. But Nolan Carrick will stop at nothing to see Regulus dead and make Adelaide his wife. While Nolan hunts them, the Prince prepares to use the Staff of Nightfall against Monparth and anyone who gets in his way.

Regulus and Adelaide must trust each other if they have any hope of saving Monparth—and themselves.

The high-stakes conclusion to The Mercenary and the Mage romantic fantasy duology, where hope shines in the darkness!

(Content note: Fade-to-black romance. Minimal language.
Possible triggers: Series is equivalent to mid to upper PG-13-level; contains violence, torture, depression, SA, reference to SH and a su*c*de attempt.)

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