A Lonely Dance

Book two of The Miraveld Chronicles

What do you do when you can’t forgive yourself?

Coming September 21, 2022.

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About the Book

A strong-willed crown princess.

Ilara of Talland hoped a foreign visitor could increase trade for her starving people. Instead, he turned out to be a powerful sorcerer.

Now Ilara and her two sisters are cursed.

Every night the princesses are stolen away to a magical ball they can’t remember. The sorcerer claims he will free them if Ilara marries him, and he warns his efforts to win her without bloodshed will last only as long as his evaporating patience…

A lonely ambassador.

In Rethalyon, former prince Tristan Carbrey is still reeling from the rightful king’s return. Distrusted, unwanted, and haunted by his sins, he’s forced to undertake an ambassadorial mission to prove his loyalty.

Unfortunately, the king of Talland is more interested in his experience with curses than trade. But helping the princesses might be Tristan’s chance at redemption and at the companionship he longs for…

If he isn’t killed first.

Can Tristan dare to love the kind princess despite believing he’s a villain unworthy of her affection? And can Ilara afford to love a man who doesn’t trust himself?

Twelve Dancing Princesses reimagining and book two in The Miraveld Chronicles.
This book can be read on its own but contains spoilers for book one, A Thieving Curse.

(Warning for possible triggers include: past domestic abuse, some violence/blood, past death of a parent/grief, a forced kiss, brief reference to past SA of an off-page/unseen character.)

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Series: The Miraveld Chronicles, Book 2
Genres: fairy tale retelling, Fantasy, New Adult
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
Publisher: Wyvern Wing Press
Publication Year: 2022
List Price: 15.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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