Prince of Shadow and Ash

She could be his light... If his darkness doesn't destroy them both.

The first book in a romantic fantasy duology about a former mercenary enslaved to an evil sorcerer falling in love with a lady who is secretly the last mage in the kingdom.

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About the Book

Bastard and former mercenary Lord Regulus Hargreaves’ resolve is crumbling. He’s desperate to pay off his debt to the sorcerer who enslaved him, but after two years, he fears he’ll never be free of the cursed mark that won’t even let him die. Then Lady Adelaide sees past his scar and shadowed past, and Regulus’ dying hope rekindles.

But will loving Adelaide while serving the Prince of Shadow and Ash put her in danger?

Adelaide Belanger yearns to use the magical energy within her, but revealing her power could get her killed–like every other mage in the kingdom. When she meets kind and rugged Regulus, she wonders if she has finally found someone to trust with her secret—and her heart. Regulus and Adelaide struggle to protect their romance and keep their secrets from predatory nobles and the devious sorcerer.

By the time their secrets are revealed, it may be too late for them both…and possibly for the entire kingdom.

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Content note:
Fade-to-black romance. Minimal language.
(Warning for possible triggers: Series is equivalent to mid to upper PG-13-level; contains violence, torture, depression, reference to SH and a su*c*de attempt, & a SA in book two.)

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Series: The Mercenary and the Mage, Book 1
Genres: New Adult, Romantic fantasy
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
List Price: 16.99
eBook Price: 5.99
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