Servant, Mercenary, Brother Vol. II – OLD COVER

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“Your circumstances, your mistakes, none of it determines who you are, what you can be. You’re more than a slave or a monster. You’re my brother.”

In this combination companion and sequel novella to The Mercenary and the Mage duology, recently knighted Dresden Jakobs struggles with how to help his suffering best friend—who is now also his liege. In the midst of supporting Regulus through the highs and lows of life as both Lord of Arrano and a sorcerer’s slave, Dresden finds himself wondering: what happened to his own family? And as Regulus starts to heal and grow closer to Adelaide, will Dresden be left behind?

Filled with humor, emotion, unbreakable bonds, and hope, this novella shows Dresden’s side of the story in a series of vignettes spanning from Regulus’ enslavement to the Prince of Shadow and Ash through the events of The Mercenary and the Mage duology and beyond.
Contains spoilers for the Mercenary and the Mage duology.

(Possible triggers: violence, SH, off-page su*c*de attempt.)

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