She could be his light—
if his darkness doesn’t destroy them.

mock-up image of Prince of Shadow and Ash. Cover coming spring 2020.

Prince of Shadow and Ash

The Mercenary and the Mage Book 1

Bastard and former mercenary Lord Regulus Hargreaves just wants to earn his freedom from the sorcerer with delusions of royalty who enslaved him. When the charming Lady Adelaide sees past his scarred face and shadowed past, Regulus’ dying hope rekindles. But will loving Adelaide while serving the Prince of Shadow and Ash put her in danger?

Adelaide Belanger longs to use the magical energy within her. However, telling the wrong person could get her killed, like every other mage in Monparth before her birth. Then she meets kind and rugged Regulus and wonders if she has finally found someone to trust with her secret—and her heart.

Regulus and Adelaide struggle to build a relationship and keep their secrets from those who would use or harm them. By the time Regulus’ and Adelaide’s secrets are revealed, it may be too late for them both.

A medieval fantasy romance filled with magic, monsters, and jousts, with a message of acceptance, selflessness, and hope. Perfect for fans of A Knights Tale, BBC’s Merlin, A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Kemmerer, and The Blood of Kings trilogy by Williamson.

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Staff of Nightfall

Book 2

Information coming early summer 2020

Servant, Mercenary, Brother

Servant, Mercenary, Brother cover

When Dresden Jakobs’ parents moved to Monparth, they wanted a better life for their children. Indenturing their young son for ten years to some nobleman so they could pay their debts wasn’t the plan. But Regulus Hargreaves isn’t at all what Dresden expected. Is it possible for a master and servant to be friends? This collection of vignettes is a prequel to Prince of Shadow and Ash that traces Dresden and Regulus’ friendship as they grow up and their roles and life situations shift and change.
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