Prices and discount amount (“Save: $x (y%)) reflect time of posting.

All books I’ve read and recommend! Several are sequels that need to be read in order, though.

This page contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase something, at no charge to you, I earn a small commission.

Prince of Shadow and Ash (The Mercenary and the Mage #1) – Save: $10.48 (66%)

Refined (Supervillain Rehabilitation Project #4) – Save: $12.33 (73%)

Reunion (Supervillain Rehabilitation Project #5) – Save: $9.34 (72%)

Burnt Silver (The Crucible #2) – Save: $7.64 (55%)

Power Play (Supervillain Rescue Project #2) – Save: $7.61 (48%)

Yesterday or Long Ago – Save: $6.09 (38%)

The Soul Crier – Save: $7.22 (38%)

Beast – Save: $5.53 (37%)

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Selina R. Gonzalez

Selina R. Gonzalez is an author of medieval-inspired fantasy. Her romantic fantasy duology, The Mercenary and the Mage series, is available now.


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